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About Us

JFJ Contractors (JFJ) does more than provide Construction and Engineering Services, we deliver solutions.

We stay focused on results, value and efficiency, so you can focus on doing business.  With experts in steel, welding, concrete, carpentry and masonry, the JFJ team has successfully completed a wide variety of projects, ranging from the simple fabrication of custom steel rails and gates to structural steel improvements of an arena. We bring the same quality and experience to our smaller projects as we do to our larger ones.  

JFJ routinely self-performs a variety of contracts which include all types of construction.  JFJ has custom built self-contained facilities, fabricated and completed interior and exterior renovations, and designed and installed structural and routine upgrades of roofing, parking facilities, steel barriers, and gates, among others.  

JFJ excels in foundation work including trenching, digging, and installing new concrete, and repairing concrete, to above grade work including all construction material.  While we work with many vendor products, such as window systems, door systems, barriers, JFJ also develops and builds custom solutions that meet the project needs.


At the heart of JFJ’s success is our team of employees whose passion, commitment, experience, and integrity are a central part of every project we deliver.

JFJ leverages our employees’ experiences and capabilities to facilitate well-managed, high-quality commercial projects that meet your specific needs.  The JFJ staff strives to exceed each client’s expectations through innovation, collaboration and best practices. We are dedicated to responding to clients’ needs quickly, and we have the ability to remain flexible in environments where larger firms cannot. 


Economically Disadvantage Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB)

Women-Owned Small (WOSB)

Swam Certified   #714583

Commonwealth of Virginia Class A Contracting License #2705155602

Government Cleared-Management Personnel

P.E Certified Engineering Staff

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