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Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT)

Columbia Gateway Drive Bollard Installation (2015)

George Mason University

Mason Pond Garage Structural Repairs (2018)

Eagle Bank Arena Structural Steel Repairs (2019) – Structural truss repairs at 60’

City of Henrico

Lobby Renovation (2016) – Custom plastic laminate cabinetry fabricated in-house

Northern Virginia Community College

Bisdorf Concrete Ramp and Railing (2017) – Custom fabricated stainless-steel 
Bisdorf Window Repairs (2017) – Custom aluminum bar window remediation

United States Bulletproofing

OBO Kampala Spandrel Windows (2020) – Fabrication of aluminum veneer curtainwall
OBO Juarez Spandrel Windows (2020) – Aluminum fabrication, international packaging, and shipping 

United States Corp of Engineers

Gribble Gate (2017) – Design-build, installation of vehicle barrier and gate system