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JFJ's strengths are in the delivery of non-standard, technically challenging, complex construction projects. JFJ excels at off-site construction done in our local warehouse. Off-site construction presents an opportunity to improve project schedules and decrease project costs using techniques like prefabrication, modularization, panelization and preassembly. Quality and efficiencies improve when work is done ahead of time in a controlled environment. Additionally, reducing time and resources on-site yields safer, cleaner and more efficient projects.


Our approach includes the implementation of smart, efficient methods that promote early involvement, teamwork, creative thinking and collaboration. We are builders first, and we consistently apply our field experience with creative solutions to develop innovative solutions and reduce costs. 

JFJ works with many vendor products, including window systems, door systems, barriers, and is also able to custom develop solutions that meet the project needs. JFJ is responsive to clients' needs and able to remain flexible in environments where larger contractors and engineering firms can't. As a boutique and highly specialized niche firm, JFJ recognizes the importance of completing each project successfully on behalf of our clients.

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