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Blast Effects Engineering

JFJ maintains a significant library of government and industry resources in the field of blast affects analysis, vehicle impact analysis, forced entry design, and ballistic design, including research data, publications, and software.  Some of the engineering software that the engineer’s at JFJ use for blast effects analysis or vehicle barrier impact design includes the following:


SDOF (Single Degree of Freedom)

Performs single degree of freedom design and analysis of structural members subject to dynamic loading from blast. 


3D Blast

Provides calculation and visualization of the effects of an open-air explosion based on associated calculated pressures and impules.


BlastX (Internal and External Blast Effects Prediction)

Performs calculations of the shock wave and confined detonation pressure and venting for explosions either internal or external to a structure.


CBARD (Column Blast Analysis and Retrofit Design)

Is a tool for evaluating the blast response of reinforced concrete columns.


CEDAW (Component Explosive Damage Assessment Workbook)

Is an Excel based tool for the assessment of structural components subjected to airblast loads from explosives using pressure-impules (P-i) methodology).


ConWep (Conventional Weapons Effects)

Calculates a range of blast effects from different types of high explosives and weapons, including blast loads, fragment penetration depths into concrete and steel, concrete wall breaching, projectile penetration into rock and soil, cratering, and ground shock. 


Performs a single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) analysis to calculate glass response to a blast loading and provides a debris transport model for predicting fragment trajectory. 


SBEDS V5.0 (Single-Degree-of-Freedom Blast Effects Design Spreadsheets)

Is an Excel-based tool for design of structural components subjected to dynamic loads, such airblast from explosive, using single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) methodology. 


SPAN (Single-Degree-of-Freedom Plastic Analysis)

Performs single degree of freedom design and analysis of structural members subject to dynamic loading from blast, impact, or any other source that can be approximated as a uniform pressure-time relationship on the member.


 BICADS (Building Injury Calculator and Database)

Approximates the number of human injuries from the building debris generated by a blast load on the structure.


ELS (Extreme Loading for Structures) non-linear structural analysis software tool designed to study the 3D behavior of structures through both the continuum and discrete stages of loading.

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