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Government contractor

bmk Construction Company


Specifically related to projects in Afghanistan, bmk is able to deliver both engineering and construction projects in theater using a blend of western technology, supervision, and management along with host country labor and material resources. More specifically, bmk provides clients and property owners with the following tangible benefits for their project work in Afghanistan:


  • Western engineering and design solutions 

  • Western project management and skilled construction tradesmen 

  • Full time presence of western staff in Kabul 

  • Familiarity, experience, and submersion in the Afghanistan market

  • Established office and accommodations in Kabul for western project management and construction staff 

  • Shipping and logistic experience for importing specialty materials In-country shop and warehouse space

  • In-country inventory of construction equipment and tools

  • Direct hire team of host country labor for translation, management, and construction

  • Experience with material procurement and specialty subcontracting on the local market 


bmk’s office complex in Kabul is shared with Raven Rae Resources, a holistic life support provider. The combination of bmk and Raven Rae Resources allows bmk to self-support its construction team within the heart of Kabul, which is yet another way that bmk is able to remain agile for the delivery of projects in Afghanistan. 

Government contractor
Government contractor

bmk in the Community 


bmk also maintains ties within the local Afghan community by sponsoring and participating in charitable events such as a fall fund raiser for The Nowzad Dogs Animal Shelter. The original aim of this charity was to support serving soldiers on the front lines of Afghanistan rescue the companion animals they had adopted during their tour of duty.


To date, Nowzad has assisted over 700 soldiers serving in Afghanistan to be reunited back in their home countries (USA, UK, Canada, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Holland and Germany) with the dog or cat that adopted them while serving in Afghanistan.


In the fall of 2014, bmk co-sponsored and hosted a 24 Hour Run/Walk Marathon on an 875-meter course that included 110 steps of climbing with each lap around the course. bmk and Raven Rae Resources raised more than $4,000 to contribute to this charity. 

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